Today we sailed from Nadi to mana island. We were helping move the boats to mana island for the sailing competition that starts from mana next week. This was my second time sailing and I'm pretty terrified of deep ocean water but Ben's really good at sailing and used to teach kids to sail so I felt really safe. We packed lunch and attached it to the tramp of our boat as we spent the whole day sailing. It was suuuper calm when we first started out but got really windy about halfway along and we were up of one hull for ages and I was just hanging on for dear life as we crashed through huge chop. We managed to flip the yacht forwards and we fell straight onto the mast! I was soo scared the boat was flipped upside down and I was lying onto of one of the hulls not wanting to get off but eventually had to get off so Ben could flip the boat back over. The whole time I was freaking out so much about what might be swimming below us 😫🦈. I ended up swapping boats for one of the Fijian boys to  sail us into shore and that boat ended up flipping as well- did not have very good luck at all! The poor Fijian boy had to deal with me sobbing while he flipped the boat back up the right way- I am so terrified of deep water!! Was easy with Ben cause he knows I'm scared and can calm me down but this poor boy was so confused as to why I was scared, they love the water!

We rewarded ourselves with Japanese, delicious sashimi and yummy cheesecake! So was a fun experience to start off with but didn't end on a good note- might just stick to fair weather sailing!!