Sabeto mud poolsSabeto mud poolsSabeto mud poolsSabeto mud poolsNadi JapaneseNadi JapaneseNadi Japanese

Today we got a taxi down to Nadi from Raki Raki for our flight to Melbourne. We stopped in at Lautoka to pick up a parcel mum had sent us. It was only chocolates but it was such a process they had to go through to let us have it, it was seized by customs cause it was from international and they have to check through it all before they hand it over. She sent us 7 blocks of whitackers and some peanut slabs- lucky us! We gave some to our American friend and the taxi driver and they loved it too!

We stopped in at the Sabeto mud pools just before Nadi. This place has been on my Fiji bucket list since we arrived. We arrived and you get changed into your swimsuits then cover yourselves in mud from the buckets on the lawn, it felt so weird! Then you go through a series of hot spring pools that get cleaner and cleaner as you go through them. The first pool has a mud bottom so you sink down through the bottom of the pool up to your knees it’s such a weird experience! There was a cute little Australian girl there with her mum, we asked where they were from and the girl who was about two promptly said, “we are from Melbourne”, such a sweet heart! We were teaching her how to put her finger on the end of the hose to spray us. It’s so cute watching little kids learn how to do things for the first time and watching their face focus.
We got some roti parcels from the ladies cooking for $1 each. This is something that is every where in Fiji- it’s like fast food for Fiji!

We went to this Japanese restaurant in Nadi for lunch. I ordered Octopus that had seaweed over it and the seaweed was moving, it was so crazy! The sashimi was delish.

We left Fiji at 6pm and I was sitting next to a lovely lady from Melbourne. I chatted to her for the whole 6 hour flight. She’s had a really interesting life, she’s almanian and grew up in Germany then moved to Australia when she was 18. She said her and her daughters and her mum all live close together in Melbourne which will be so nice for her. So many kiddos on our flight. The girl behind was about two and had so many questions for her dad she kept asking “but why” and when we landed her dad said we’re going home now and she clapped her hands and says “yay I love home!!” Melbourne is freezing we left 28 degrees and arrived to 10 degrees. 😳 We are staying with Bens parents on the Mornington Peninsula which will be lovely. Looking forward to catching up with everyone in Melbourne and being back in civilisation haha!