New Friend

Living on the island can get pretty lonely and social media is great for keeping in contact with people and keeping everyone up to date, But today social media was so awesome!! I searched the geo tag of our island to see what photos others had taken and commented on a girl’s beautiful Instagram post. Turns out she had been holidaying on the island all month and was leaving within a few days! We hung out for the day and had fun taking photos and playing around on each others cameras. We both have Canon cameras so we could interchange each others lenses. Izzys lense is better for close up portraits and mine is good for mid to long distance photos. We had fun putting the camera on a timer and trying to run up the palm tree in time before the picture was taken!! Such a fun day, I’m just guttered we didn’t meet each other earlier. Izzy’s family has a holiday house on the island and they come over each year from England to escape to the sunshine. Izzy has a blog too its a cute fashion blog you can find it here.