Today we went into the “jungle” to find green pawpaws to make paw paw curry. Sometimes we pay the fijian indians to bring us curry and roti for lunch, they make delicious currys and it helps them out with a bit of extra income as well. they gave us the recipe for paw paw curry and we had a go at making it. Pumpkin curry is another delicious recipe. Ben took photos of all the mud skippers. They are freaky little creatures and move really fast and live in the fresh water inlet area. When we got to the beach we saw one of our workers on her lunch break collecting up huge land crabs for dinner in a sack. I asked her where she found them and she said she found them in the grass just where we had been walking!! :0 Glad I didn’t get pinched on the toe in my jandels! The water was so beautiful today very sparkly!