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Last night we went up to sunset point to watch the sunset and eat cheese and crackers it was so nice! It’s the best place to watch the sunset on the island. We usually walk up there about 3 times a week. I find it a really nice way to end the day and sit together and chat. It’s always a little bit dodgy walking back though cause you can’t see where the coconut crabs are and every now and then you see one giant one scuttle into a tiny hole and you wonder, how big the ones are for the big crab holes?! There’s a group of Dutch people staying at the moment. We walked past today and they were all dressed up and slow dancing, apparently they were having a fake wedding!? A lovely American couple Angel and Shawn are running the lodge next door to us, they gave us heaps of American sugar free juice sachets, We had the berry limeade one tonight- super yum! X

Have any of you guys watched ‘after the sunset’ with Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek? We watched it last night and I really like it! The lady is such a boss! She’s building the decking on their house by herself and it looks perfect! 

There’s a quote in the movie that said….

“The world is divided up between people who like to watch the sunset and those who don’t. People like you are never happy. You’re anxious, type-A, egocentric perfectionists who can’t sit still and die alone with a million bucks and a thousand regrets. The people who can relax, enjoy the sunset, hold hands at the end of the day…They’re the happy ones.” 

 I personally love being busy and getting things done but it’s also important to slow down and enjoy these beautiful moments with no distractions and give someone your full attention.