Firstly the bag…. I have a bit of a love for handbags!! For the airport I like biggish tote bags where I don’t have to squeeze everything in, it makes it easy to take things in and out without the stress or rearranging everything to fit. This is important at the airport when you have to take things out of your bag to go through the scanners or take travel documents and passports out to show people. 

Ok so now to the 12 things i always pack!

1.Passport (obviously) – you’re not going anywhere without that bad boy!

2.Phone charger, when travelling I feel very anxious if I don’t have a charged phone especially if my travel plans are only in my phone and not written down or if I am meeting someone. If you do happen to run your phone flat from excessive snap chatting and Instagram checking, there are usually lots of places about the airport to recharge and most aeroplanes will have a charging port at your seat. 

3.Headphones, I love the microphone attachment on my headphones because it means I can take calls in my headphones rather that trying to hold my phone to my face while juggling luggage! Also great for listening to music or watching snap chat videos without everyone in the vicinity hearing (never know what my friends are going to come out with haha!!)

4.Small purse for smaller items. I hate my bag being a mess so I always store smaller items in a purse to stop them rolling around in my bag. Especially headphones that get tangled.

5.Sunglasses- I am very light-sensitive so I am just at a loss without my sunglasses. I always have a pair with me.

6.Camera- this little camera is my absolute fav it’s so small so it can easily fit in my handbag and I love taking little videos on it! 

7.Lip balm or lip gloss I feel like a never have chapped lips because this is something I always carry with me, especially in flight where your lips can dry out a lot. I love this one because 1 its pink and 2 its got a little bit of sparkle! 

8.Pens, plural, once I forgot a pen and there were no pens working where you fill in your arrivals card, i had to ask someone to borrow theirs and then i felt bad because they had to wait for me to finish before they could proceed to customs, so now i always carry two, one for myself and one for anyone who has forgotten theres or is waiting to use the supplied ones. 

9.Change of clothes, I usually fly out from Wellington and 9/10 it is usually cold or early morning. the worst thing is arriving to your new destination in jeans and feeling way too hot so I always pack a pair of shorts to change into if i am going somewhere warmer. But I guess now living in Fiji i will have to do that in reverse and pack jeans and a cardigan to change into going back to New Zealand! 

10.Laptop I tend to just carry this in my handbag it does add a lot of extra weight but i just feel safer having it on me and not tucked away in a suitcase.

11.Phone I ALWAYS ALWAYS travel with my phone on me, something to do when waiting in lines and of course to communicate with people 🙂 

12.Cash in the currency of the country I am going. It’s always handy to get cash out before you travel, some places have an ATM at the destination airport but I always feel more secure if I just have it with me from the start good to use for taxis or airport shuttles or a snack when you get to your destination. 

I hope this post has given you some ideas, what to pack in your handbag, have a fun trip and a stress free airport experience!