10 ways to add coconut to your life

I love coconuts and coconut products, not only are they delicious to eat they are also a great addition to your beauty routine and general health! It is so awesome having constant and unlimited access to fresh coconuts on the island but you can also enjoy the benefits of

1. Coconut milk and cream- We have been making our own fresh coconut milk which is fun! You can use it in the place of cows milk and add a delicious nutty taste to your cereal, smoothies and hot drinks. The other day we tried a coconut cream latte at the local resort it was soo yum!!

2. Coconut water- I think coconut water is a bit of an acquired taste for some people but I love it! It is also packed full of electrolytes and antioxidants so it’s great for fighting free radicals found in processed food. Also great alternative to sugary sports drinks such as Powerade.

3. Cooking- coconut oil has a very high smoke point of 350 degrees which makeBlue coconuts it safe for cooking at a high heat. You can also substitute it for butter in most recipes, I love it on toast since I’m not a butter fan! Blue coconut is my favourite brand of coconut oil because doesn’t have a taste- when your cooking with it your don’t want every meal to taste coconutty! If you buy a virgin coconut oil keep in mind it will have a strong coconut aroma and taste. I have so many yummy healthy coconut recipes I need to make blog posts about!

4. Moisturiser- The first time I learnt that you can use it as a moisturiser was when my cousin Georgia was getting ready for work and rubbed some into her legs (me looking at her like what the heck!) and she just says “it’s like moisturiser without all the bad stuff.”

5. Hair- I love putting coconut oil through my hair as a hair mask, wash your hair in hot water then towel dry and rub coconut oil through it focusing on the ends and leave it in for 30 mins or so before rinsing it out, this gives you lovely shiney hair 😉

6. Scrub- mix coconut oil and sugar together along with a little vanilla essence to make a hydrating body scrub.

7. Acne- applying coconut oil to your face when you have acne might seem like the wrong thing to do and abit of a backward step but i find it actually helps clear my skin! I don’t even own any acne treatments this is my go to method.

8. Teeth and gum health- you’ve probably heard about it- oil pulling, swish coconut oil around in your mouth for 10 minutes while getting ready in the morning then spit out. Coconut oil is a great antibacterial so doing this helps remove bad bacteria from your mouth and less bad bacteria = healthier gums and teeth!

9. Makeup remover- this one is particularly good for stubborn eye makeup, dampen a makeup wipe with coconut oil and swipe away your makeup without any need all the harsh rubbing of delicate skin around your eyes. Added bonus it is great for healthier and longer eyelashes!

10. Healthy hair and skin and nails supplement- coconut oil is a great source of fat so adding it into your diet will produce great benefits to your hair skin and nails!

Hope you can incorporate some of these ideas into your routine. 🌴



  1. Rozel
    May 8, 2017 / 10:56 am

    However will you manage without them? X

    • rataisabella
      May 8, 2017 / 8:26 pm

      I know right- loving it!!